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Information for Companies

The advantage to companies

When employees have the choice to join a Health & Fitness club through a salary sacrifice scheme they benefit from National Insurance savings and the uptake in participation increases dramatically. If a company contributes towards the membership costs, participation will increase further.

Twice the benefit

Not only will your employees save money (on average between 120 and 300 a year), they can select individual, couple or family membership. And staying fit and healthy has its clear advantages...

  • Increases: Productivity, Motivation, Morale 
  • Decreases: Healthcare Costs, Sickness, Absenteeism

Simple solutions to suit you

DL Flex is a very simple solution for employers looking to offer annual David Lloyd Leisure membership through a payroll scheme. It can be run as an HMRC approved salary sacrifice scheme either within a Flexible Benefits programme or as a standalone salary sacrifice benefit. Alternatively you can choose to run DL Flex as a simple net pay gym loan deduction, whichever suits you best.

The details

If you choose to run DL Flex as a salary sacrifice, the net result is that the employee saves the national insurance contributions on the value of the membership. The value of the membership is reported as a benefit in kind on the P11D and the employer is still liable for Class 1 A on the value. The employer pays for the annual membership in advance and then adjusts the employee's salary accordingly over the year.

(If an employee leaves: any remaining amounts should be deducted from their final net pay, and the employees continues to be a member at David Lloyd Leisure for the remainder of the membership term. Should your company already be subsidising gym membership, we are able to display the subsidy to the employee during the selection process. As the subsidy amount and the DL Flex membership value are treated differently by HMRC, any subsidy amounts must be handled directly by your payroll department outside of the DL Flex process.)